Lutynia Mine

Charmingly located quarry surrounded by forests and meadows at an altitude of 650m above sea level, Lutynia mine sits near a border crossing to Czech Republic. The deposit is an example of a volcanic vent with only one effusive eruption and the rock shows a clear columnar separation. The thickness of the deposit reaches over 70m and its resources amount to over 3 million tons. The mining operation started near the end of 19th century, and after the last war it started again in 1957.

Basalt from this deposit is a perfect agricultural resource due to its properties. The wealth of chemical elements necessary for optimal plant vegetation can be quickly assimilated by them if the basalt is crushed to a grain size of about 100µm. Due to the high abrasiveness of basalt, the milling process is possible only using a properly reinforced mill structure. The produced basalt dust has constant grain size and physical and chemical properties.
Basalt in the dust form is not only a great source of elements, but thanks to its physical form, it improves the structure of the soil, making it a so-called conditioner.

In addition to that it can be used as a seed treatment in organic farming as well as in production of i.e. concrete as an ingredient to improve its properties.

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Kopalnia bazaltu Lutynia

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tel.: +48 513 968 764