Gronów Mine

This deposit consists of basalt of high quality, which guarantees production of equally high-quality mineral aggregates.

We do use Factory Quality Control for our products.

Our mine stores wide variety of aggregates, such as:

  • basalt mixes used for basic and auxiliary foundations
  • basalt crushed stone
  • basalt grit used in bitumen production as well as in high durability concrete.

Here we use our own railway siding located in Jędrzychowice near Zgorzelec.

Mailing address

KGS sp. z o.o.
Kopalnia Bazaltu Gronów
Gronów, 59-900 Zgorzelec

Mine’s Director / sales

Dariusz Gawlik
tel: 502 874 811 

Dispatch / weight

tel: 500 494 630

Factory Production Control Laboratory


Product sales take place between 6:00 a.m. and 6:00 p.m.
Siding length 518m. One loading track, three holding tracks.
Max 2 loads can be sent daily



Kopalnia bazaltu

(DD) 51.1766551,15.1160383

tel.  +48 500 494 630