About us

KGS sp. z o.o. consists of two basalt mines with cumulative 40 mil tons of stock. Highly experienced team takes care of mining the raw material and aggregate production. Newest technologies, knowledge, experience, and determination for achieving our goals, guarantee the highest quality of product and delivery. Company produces basalt aggregate used in road building, asphalt products, concrete products, and industrial building.

This mine produces full assortment of basalt aggregates: sand, chippings, rubble, and mixtures. It has its own railway siding in Jędrzychowice near Zgorzelec.

This mine has a basalt deposit with high quality chemical composition. All the mine’s resources are being used for basalt dust production.
Investment is in progress and a perfect fit for the European Green Deal plan.

Our company has plans to expand the activities of the Gronów Basalt Mine by investing in Basalt Rebar Production Plant.
The innovative production technology and our own raw resources are big advantages for this project. Basalt Rebar is an ecological and economical alternative to traditional steel products.

Basalt Dust is constantly gaining popularity. It’s wide range of uses and its ecological nature are the greatest advantages. Starting the production of it is a priority investment. The high-performance mill will allow for annual production of up to 200,000 tons.

Thanks to establishing the cooperation between us and the Łukasiewicz Institute, in terms of technology development opportunities regarding basalt dust and its aggregates, as well as innovations in production of basalt fiber and it’s derivatives like rebar, in December 2022 KGS sp. z o.o. became a member of the Polish Basalt Technology cluster, organized by Łukasiewicz Research Network Center for Technology Assessment „ORGMASZ” and Łukasiewicz – New Chemical Syntheses Institute.
The cluster will be used to transfer the knowledge of new technology implementation in the basalt sector as well as their usage

By conducting mining activities we obviously interfere in the natural environment as well as in the life of our closer and further neighbors.
KGS sp. z o.o. considers environmental protection to be of high importance. We believe that while using the natural resources brings many benefits for humanity, it also makes it more important to minimize the influence of such activities to the surroundings and to recultivate used areas. We also want to be a part of local community. We try our best to support the local initiatives and to be a “good neighbor”.